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Smarter Regions CRC - Initial Mining Workshop


October 29


11:30 am - 01:30 pm

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Smarter Regions CRC

Bringing the power of artificial intelligence and smart technologies to the Mining Industry across Australia

The Smarter Regions CRC is a bid for funding from the Australian Government’s CRC Program that aims to develop knowledge, technologies and products to bring the power of artificial intelligence and smart technologies to regional industries in Australia.

There have been some mixed results in the application of AI to the mining sector. We are keen to learn from past experience, and build an understanding of where the greatest opportunities are to create operationally actionable insights for regional mining and mining services companies in Australia.

Workshop purpose:

  • Introduce to each other our mining focused technology companies, our regional connectors in mining regions and mining and mining services organisations
  • Identify what AI applications and approaches have and have not worked well in the mining sector in Australia to date
  • Identify potential products or services that could be developed through the Smarter Regions CRC

Please see Agenda here:

Note Time Zones:

12:00pm (Vic, Tas, NSW)11:30am (SA)10:30 (NT)11::00 (QLD)9:00am (WA)