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Smarter Regions CRC - Forestry Industry workshop


October 23


02:00 pm - 03:30 pm

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Smarter Regions CRC

Bringing the power of artificial intelligence and smart technologies to the Forestry Industry across regional Australia

Workshop purpose:

The intention of this workshop is to identify if there are any products or services that are desired by the forestry sector that industry partners of the Smarter Regions CRC might be interested in developing through their involvement in the CRC.

There may be multiple partners who are interested in developing such products, or none. The purpose of this workshop is just to get the ideas on the table. We will then invite expressions of interest from the industry partners who may be interested in continuing these discussions.

This will be an ongoing process throughout the life of the CRC, and just because an idea doesn’t get progressed through this particular process, does not mean that it might not be picked up again in a future discussion.

Please see Agenda here:

Time Zones:

2:30pm (Vic, Tas, NSW)2:00pm (SA)1:00pm (NT)1:30pm (QLD)11:30am (WA)